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Hospital Services

Veterinary Nursing and Supportive Care Services

Unfortunately, not all pet health issues can be readily cured. In some cases, ongoing care will be needed. Our veterinarians and staff will perform this specialized care with the utmost dedication and compassion. Providing veterinary services isn’t just a business for us; we truly care about the well-being of all of our patients and their families. We demonstrate this to our clients every day by providing only the highest level of pet care and customer service.

When a pet is sick or injured, it will instinctively try to hide its symptoms from other animals and people. That’s why at Bay Country Veterinary Hospital, our skilled pet care staff is careful to note subtle clues that might otherwise go unnoticed. In addition, our veterinarians take the time to carefully listen to pet owners’ observations about changes in appearance or behavior, as these can provide valuable clues about the patient’s condition.

Below are some of the questions you may be asked about your pet:

  • Does your pet have bad breath?
  • Have there been changes in your pet’s eating or drinking habits?
  • Is your pet urinating more frequently than normal?
  • Have there been changes in your pet’s bowel habits, including
    • frequency
    • straining
    • diarrhea
    • constipation
    • or soiling in the house or outside of the litter box?
  • Does your pet vomit more than just occasionally?
  • Has your pet experienced any discharge from his or her eye(s)?
  • Have you noticed your pet coughing or sneezing?
  • Are there any changes in your pet’s coat or skin?
  • Has your pet’s behavior or activity level shifted noticeably?

In addition to a comprehensive physical exam, we will use veterinary diagnostic tools ranging from laboratory tests to x-rays or radiography as needed to assist us in achieving a prompt and accurate diagnosis. Should your pet require veterinary surgery, rest assured that he or she will receive the best possible care in our state-of-the-art facility.